Welcome to the LeGates Lab!

We study how neurons integrate information to regulate behavior.

The brain continuously processes a diverse array of information, but a critical feature is its ability to integrate this information. This allows organisms to respond to stimuli or changes in the environment and is essential for regulating physiology and behavior. We are interested in how the brain integrates information to regulate behaviors related to depression such as reward and cognitive function. Our goal is to identify critical neuronal circuits that underlie these behaviors. We aim to understand how these neurons communicate with one another and how changes in that communication contribute to psychiatric disease. Our research program employs a multilevel strategy, from synapses to behavior, combining electrophysiology, imaging, and behavior in mice to understand the neuronal circuit mechanisms responsible for integrating information to regulate behavior.


You can find us on the 3rd floor of the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building or follow us on Bluesky (@neurolg.bsky.social)!